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The crappy job that changed my life forever!

kia in a coma after her near fatal crash

 Please forgive this blast from the past….

a picture of a car crushed by an oncoming driver at 90mph

Going thru my archives, I was thinking of my muse, as I packed up baby clothing for the proud mama who is due in a few short months….

This is a tribute to Kia, my muse.

a picture of a pregnant woman and her husband smiling

There are just some people that touch your soul… You meet them, and you are never ever the same again.

A few years ago, while teaching at a makeup academy in Orlando (who’s name I won’t even bother to promote)
 I was very fortunate, to befriend a wonderful student of mine, Kiarina.
She was my angel and one of the sweetest girls I’d ever met. She seemed really shy and I would do her makeup to bring her out of her shell.  I loved doing makeup on Kia and considered her my muse.

Months, after I had stopped teaching and returned to my life in New York, I got a call from one of my students about Kia.  I was devastated to learn that she was in a near fatal car crash that put her in a coma for nearly 4 months! I was beside myself, I had to get back to Orlando, I had to see her!
I stood by her bedside almost every day praying for her to recover! After what seemed like an impossible dream, and at least 3 months in a coma, I am happy to say that she made it and is improving every day.

 I recently submitted these photos (taken by another student of mine, the amazing Brett Dorian) to Gorgeous Freaks magazine with an article about her, and how special she was to me, and all that she had been through. I am thrilled to report that they absolutely loved her and published a two page article and the shoot in this months issue!

 It makes me so happy to know that I helped make her wish of becoming a model come true!

This is for you Kia , Love Mama Bird