34 Testimonials and Recommendations for Dyana Aives -feel the love!

It makes my job so rewarding when I can reach my clients in such a way that they will take the time to write me a letter of recommendation.
 It makes me positively giddy to know that I have 34 of these letters (22 for makeup & 11 for makeup and hair and 5 more for makeup instructor!)

 So a big Achievement for me and a big Thank You !-  To all the Producers,
Directors, Agents, Photographers, Models, Actors, (MY AMAZING STUDENTS!)  and fellow creatives for all your wonderful feedback, it’s nice to know that I’ve touched your life as much as you’ve touched mine.
Thank You

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  •    Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry

 ( this is one of my favs)>
To Whom it may concern;

Let me first preface this letter by stating that the phrase “those who cannot do; teach” is the virtual opposite description of the talent and ability that is Dyana Aives as a makeup artist, and teacher. She can, and she does, and she provides and educational environment for people to succeed at the same! Crucial details about a difficult industry, and the process of developing a body of work that proves not only talent, but the drive to make the most of it, are things that are lost to students from average instructors. Ms. Dyana Aives is NOT an average instructor.

In short, during my time as a student under her, I of course had expert instruction in the fundamentals and technique, but also the backbone of career preparation. She is always honest and willing to share her real life accounts of what is, what is not, and what may be. I believe that nothing can totally prepare you for what comes after education, but having someone there who is immersed in that reality to ease some of the unknowing helps tremendously. She brought up so many things that I would have never thought to ask, because many of them are things that you don’t think to learn about until its too late…like what to do if you remember your full kit, and forget your brushes! I can honestly say I can produce a beautiful full face of makeup with my just fingers thanks to Dyana! Her desire to see her students succeed really comes through in her teaching. Dyana also has a way about her of making everything seem comfortable. Even when she is constructively criticizing, it is in a way that inspires you to push your limits and try harder each and every time. She brings a warmth and maternal quality to her approach, and that when coupled with her enormous insight and creativity, breeds the perfect environment to help her students succeed. I loved that she was always so cheerful, and ready for anything, spewing idea after idea of what would be gorgeous, or delightfully disgusting to add to my projects. Dyana is fluent in so many facets of makeup application and genre, I was never short of amazed by her demonstrations! I was also consistently inspired by her, in career aspects as well as personally, by her bright and loving personality. I also loved that all of her suggestions come with valuable tips and tricks that only years of trial and error can earn you! Insider information at it best! I got such a head start from her instruction, that I believe several of my interviews and gigs went the way they did solely because of the way she prepared me for them. It would be a terrible waste to lose the opportunity to have her as an instructor! I hope this can provide some insight beyond the amazing collection of work and experience Dyana Aives has, into the equally amazing teacher, person and mentor she is for me and so many others. Please feel free to contact me further regarding her.

Sincerely yours,

Valerie Libertine

Mascara Hero Makeup Artistry

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Kristalynn Price. I would love to recommend Ms. Dyana Aives as not only a talented makeup artist, but also as an extraordinary teacher. I had the pleasure of having Ms. Aives as my teacher at the Joe Blasco Makeup Center East for the Masters II course throughout a large portion of 2010. I attended this school primarily to learn special effects makeup. I am a huge horror buff and wanted nothing more than to be the person behind the camera that makes audiences scream and squirm. However, Ms. Aives opened a whole new world to me. She taught the beauty/fashion portions of my course and what a great ride it was! I wasn’t just taught how to apply makeup. I learned how to properly treat my clients and talent. I also was educated on how to promote myself and my work. She gave me the foundation tools needed to become a viable and sought after artist. In summation, Ms. Aives prepared me for the real world of makeup artistry. For this, I am forever thankful. If I had to pick one word to describe her it would most definitely be passionate. Due to Ms. Aives’ absolute love for her craft, this crazy little horror geek (I’m talking about me) is not only a well-rounded artist but I’m on my way to bigger and better things. Dyana’s positive “go get em” attitude towards the future is infectious. It’s safe to say she has influenced me in a big way and I have no where to go from here except up. Ms. Aives is a great addition to any crew or staff!

Thank you for listening,

Kristalynn Price


To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago I decided to become a Make Up Artist. My first day was February 2010, nervously, I walked into school having no idea what to expect. I sat down right as my teacher, Ms. Dyana Aives walks in and says “HI CLASS!” everyone laughed and it immediately broke the ice. Right away when a teacher exudes that much personality off the bat, it only means one thing “score! Awesome teacher”

Ms. Dyana was not only a fantastic teacher, but she was a comfort zone when a student needs it the most, at school. The way Ms. Dyana taught, it is clear she enjoys teaching, she makes it easy for students to trust her. Not too many students can say they look forward to going to school, and are late leaving because they’re actually interested in what the teacher has to offer.

Ms. Dyana was very detailed in her teaching, dedicated to each students understanding and most of all was extremely knowledgeable. Ms. Dyana Aives made school turn out to be nothing like what I expected, but everything I needed.

Sincerely with my recommendations,

Shiren Tehrani
I just wanted to write you a little note to tell you how much your teaching has
inspired me. I never thought that a person could tap into the creativity inside
me. Before I went to Joe Blasco makeup center I knew I loved makeup, but I never
knew I had the talent hidden inside me to make it into a career.
I have been building my portfolio with the tips and tricks you taught me.

Thank you for teaching me the basics of networking like joining Model mayhem to
meet models and photographers. I have impressed employers with professional
photographs using professional models and photographers and the skills you taught
me to make the models looks flawless.

Also, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you teaching me how to be
sanitary and not get my makeup full of germs. Working on set of Charlie’s
Angels, a lot of actors told me that they preferred coming to my makeup station
because they noticed that I was cleaning my brushes after each actor and
sanitizing my hands before I touched them.

I also never got the chance to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you
went out of your way to get extra literature/handouts for us when the school
wouldn’t provide them for us. I still refer to The Period Makeup handouts when I
am called to do period makeup on set.

I hope that you understand that you have made a huge impact on my life and I
hope you get to inspire many more aspiring makeup artists in the future. You
were the best cheerleader/motivator when I wasn’t sure if I chose the right path
in life, and now I can’t thank you enough for always pushing me to strive for
the best I could do.

Thank you so much.

Eternal hugs and kisses,

Nancy Mendoza
Makeup Artist

I will never forget those acclamations or what they mean to me.
I never thought of myself as the maternal type, but it’s times like this that I realize, some of us were meant to have children, and some of us, were meant to have students.

(another one of my favs)>

Brett Dorrian

Owner & Lead Artist, Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios, LLC (colleague)

“I met Dyana Aives in 2010, and worked with her first as an instructor, then as a mentor. As an instructor, Dyana demonstrated a drive and motivation to truly help students succeed. I was her student for beauty and airbrushing, and with every task assigned, Dyana presented with clarity and coaching to ensure that no student was overlooked in times of detailed hands-on understanding with technique and product. She made sure that all lesson take-aways were engrained so that no student was just rushed off and onto the next thing. Dyana took care to serve her students as a knowledgeable and personable instructor. Dyana’s artistry and approach to business is to be complimented. She was very good to not only teach us how to do makeup, but how to be makeup artists and represent ourselves professionally to make it in our industry. As she does with her own work, and as an instructor, she has a larger picture view of the needs of the situation. Just like being a piece of the whole on set, in a classroom, Dyana is able to include, encourage, and illustrate everything we needed to know to launch with skill and confidence. Dyana was able to reach students of all levels in a meaningful way that went beyond simple theory and demo. She has become a foundational mentor in my work as a prominent artist in my market and as a studio owner for media artists, providing the same kind of mentoring and encouragement that I was shown. Dyana was an outstanding inspiration in helping me define my career and life goals, and inspired me to take the steps I needed to take to get to where I knew I needed to be. When you begin to find real success, you have to look back at those who made an impact. When I look back, Dyana is there. Dyana has always developed genuine relationships with those she has worked with and taught. Dyana has made a valuable mark on the evolution of the makeup artistry education community. Regardless of where she is and what she is doing, she makes a difference, inspires, and mentors.” January 16, 2013

QUE Productions, NY-Unique Video Production and Multimedia Marketing Company
My name is Nick Karis, I am currently the multimedia director at QUE Productions. I had the pleasure of working with Dyana on several projects. Dyana’s outgoing and energetic spirit always brightened our sets. Dyana’s ability to handle the work under pressure situations was flawless. Her skills as a makeup artist and hair stylist where exceptional and her love for her…more
December 12, 2012, Nick was Dyana’s client
Performance Art Specialist,
Dyana is a premier stylist sought after by celebrities for talents honed and perfected to make everyone more glamourous at that ever important event. Red Carpet Awards, Commercial shoots for major magazines including Vanity Fair and High Class Private Clients rely on Dyana to keep them spot light ready. Her abilities and creative talents are almost magical. Above all she…more
December 11, 2012, Jaysin worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Motion Pictures and Film Professional
Dyana is a consummate professional who is always conscious of what is happening in front of the camera while managing a department removed from set. She is able to achieve many, many looks from horror and blood effects type work to highest-end glamour. I have seen her work with all skin types, complexions, races and ages with equal aplomb. I recommend her unreservedly.
August 18, 2012, James managed Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Owner, NicMo Photos
Dyana does stellar work. She has an easy going personality which puts everyone at ease. She executed the vision of director perfectly and worked well in an ever changing environment while maintaining consistency and professionalism. I wish she could do my makeup daily as she is a delight and a talent. Hire her, you will not regret it.
August 17, 2012, Nicole worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Photographer/Owner of Thru Andi’s Lens
Dyana is a seasoned make-up artist with a resume that is sure to impress. I’ve seen her transform people in amazing ways (high fashion to horror/gore); she’s worked on major motion pictures and most recently with/on some of the “higher-ups” at Vanity Fair Mag in NY. She’ll accomplish whatever look you’re going for with the added bonus of exercising your stomach muscles as…more
August 16, 2012, Andrea was with another company when working with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Film & Commercial Producer
Dyana, is very experienced, creative and joy to work with. I have and continue to work with her.
August 16, 2012, Kenneth was Dyana’s client
Independent Entertainment Professional
Dyana is an excellent stylist and I count on her for expert advice and great results. It’s hard to find someone who is fantastic at make-up AND hair but she aces both. As an actress, I work with different stylists all the time. When I’m paying for the shoot, I only hire Dyana.
August 16, 2012, Katy was Dyana’s client
Attorney at Axiom
I hired Dyana after seeing a look she did for Olivia Palermo at the VMA’s. I absolutely loved my experience with Dyana. She had wonderful makeup recommendations and great tips for applying makeup as well. I am very particular with makeup, and Dyana exceeded my expectations. I can confidently recommend her services!
August 16, 2012, Yael was Dyana’s client
Cinematographer at St Marks Pictures LLC
I worked with Dyana on both features and commercial work as a DP and as a director, respectively. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire or recommend her. Her level of craft and professional attitude not only keep the talent at ease and on set on time but most importantly, looking good. My only regret is that her skill level will eventually make her more difficult to book. She’s a…more
August 16, 2012, Tim managed Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Owner, Digital Waterworx Corporate Communication Production
Dyana is responsive, skilled at her craft, and a true professional. If you’re in need of a competent makeup artist for any type of video shoot or motion picture project, I would not hesitate recommending her.
August 16, 2012, David was Dyana’s client
Performance Art Specialist,
Dyana Aives deserves to be called “Social Imaging Specialist”. She goes way beyond the superficial level to bring the true essence of your image forward. Dyana’s ability to manipulate color to adopt light in a way that captures the face in timeless focus and brilliance sets her work above any other professional in her field! She is a photographers dream to work with and…more
August 16, 2012, Jaysin was Dyana’s client
Stephanie Flor Beauty Makeup Artist
Dyana is a free spirited talented artist with years in the business. Her makeup is flawless and her professionalism on set is what I seek to inspire too . I’m lucky enough to have Dyana Aives as a mentor and has a fellow NYC Makeup Artist that always works beyond expectations.
April 24, 2010, Stephanie worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Experienced Entertainment Industry Manager & Graphic Designer
Dyana Aives is one of the most creative, dynamic and talented artists I have ever worked with. Dyana’s personality and ability to transform even the average girl into a supermodel sets her apart in a field where artistry sometimes can be lost.

I would highly recommend Dyana for any project – there is no one else like her in this industry!

February 11, 2010, Marina was Dyana’s client
Talent Manager at Prolific.
Dyana is by far one of the most talented make-up artists I’ve ever had the privilege to manage. She has the ability to transform a face to the desired look of the client that usually will exceed their expectations. Definitely hire Dyana on your next project, you will not be disappointed!
July 6, 2009, Tara managed Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
President of CEC – Creative Entertainment Connections
Dyana is a highly skilled MUA with a great eye and touch. We are proud to represent her here at CEC.
June 26, 2009, Laura was Dyana’s client
Senior Features Designer
Dyana is a creative, energetic, personable and talented MUA. We had a difficult shoot and she was punctual, patient and stuck it out the whole way, especially with as many obstacles we had that day. She is on top of her game and a very talented and creative person as you can see in her work. Worked well within our budget and I would be happy to hire her again without…more
June 15, 2009, toni was Dyana’s client
Fine Artist
Dyana is a sheer joy to work with. Her upbeat, high-energy and personable attitude are truly key ingredients to her success. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, she is very professional.
June 13, 2009, Kelli reported to Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Creative Producer
It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Dyana Aives, who has provided her exceptional make up artist skills for our recent science fiction short film ‘LOVEBUG’. I have worked closely with Dyana as Producer in charge of Production and have found her to be extremely competent and enjoyable to work with. She is bright, innovative, and dependable.
June 12, 2009, Geovanny was Dyana’s client
Founder of MFD; a print and online directory for the fashion and production industry.
Dyana exudes a love of art, color and texture in her work which explains her phenomenal success as a makeup artist. She is always an absolute pleasure to work with and consistently delivers outstanding results beyond my expectations!
June 11, 2009, Angelique was with another company when working with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
producer at Major Motion Pictures
Dyana is an exceptional hair stylist and a great wit. I would hire her for all of my movies!
September 8, 2008, eve worked with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Dyana is a very highly skilled makeup and hair artist. She is very professional and passionate about her work.
August 19, 2008, Karen worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
2.     Makeup Artist
Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
–Freelance filmmaker
Highly professional, and a great personality.
January 2, 2013, Ryun worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Motion Pictures and Entertainment Professional
I worked with Dyana on a spec Coca Cola commercial. Dyana did well with the makeup/hair tasks required of her. She was creative in her approach and collaborated well with the stylist.
December 17, 2012, Shrihari was Dyana’s client
Producer at dollface, inc.
Dyana and I have worked together on 2 feature films. She is extremely talented and knows her job. She is professional and tireless.
December 2, 2012, Dolly managed Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Creator/Executive Producer at “Hunting Season”
I have known Dyana for a long time and would hire her again for her excellent make-up and people skills.
November 29, 2012, Jon was Dyana’s client
Cinematographer at St Marks Pictures LLC
As a Director of Photography and Director, making things look great is my business be on film or TV. I’m completely grateful to having worked with Dyana as part of the visual team. Her eye, expertise and overall professionalism helped get my talent looking their best. As one who considers make up the best “special effect” in my arsenal, Dyana is a true artist. She’s a gift…more
October 3, 2012, Tim reported to Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Dyana is a wonderful and spirited creative to have on set. She brings, not only expertise with her tools of the trade, but her fun personality that warms the entire crew. She listens, contributes and participates fully in the assignment or project she takes on. She sould be on your top ten list for make-up artists.
August 23, 2012, Lisa was Dyana’s client
Production Coordinator / Talent Manager at Various Event Co. as Freelancer
Dyana is a wonderful make-up artist to work with. She brings years of experience and creativity to every task or challenge given. I would recommend her for all types of projects from High Fashion Photography to Feature Films.


August 16, 2012, Damon R. was Dyana’s client
Designer at Sherrill Ltd
Dyana is the consummate professional. She will do all that it takes to complete a job and MORE. Her work is stunning and frankly we are happy to have her sure hand for all of our projects
August 16, 2012, Marcia was Dyana’s client
Hairstylist at Exclusive Artist Management
I met Dyana 15 years ago on a photo shoot. I was instantly blown away by her talent and her dedication to her art. 15 years later, I am proud to not only be her friend but someone that I enjoy working with and collaborating with. She is by far the most talented and creative makeup artist I have ever met and also one of the most special people I know. She has amazing vision…more
September 14, 2011, Christopher was with another company when working with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry
Stephanie Flor Beauty Makeup Artist
Dyana is a free spirited talented artist with years in the business. Her makeup is flawless and her professionalism on set is what I seek to inspire too . I’m lucky enough to have Dyana Aives as a mentor and has a fellow NYC Makeup Artist that always works beyond expectations.
April 24, 2010, Stephanie worked directly with Dyana at Dyana Aives Makeup Artistry

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