The Ugly Truth About Dog Seat Covers

  If I told you how many miles I’ve put on my car in the past 4 months you’d never believe it. 
I keep teasing you with tid bits of the epic road-trip with my dog that went on for months, but that blog post has more layers than an onion. This post is just one of them.
 This one is about the dog seat cover that would have made my life so much easier. Instead of piling up all my blankets and pillows (and later dealing with the smell of “doggie anxiety” which never comes out in the wash) I could have simply clipped this to the headrests of the front and back seats and had her in her own quilted, waterproof hammock! This snaps right in and out, protects my floor from pet hair and kibble, and most importantly creates a barrier between the front seat and the back preventing her from jumping in the passenger seat to give me directions. (She’s such a little know-it-all when it comes to GPS)
Here’s the best part, INNX gives you a lifetime warranty, so if you’re unhappy with anything at all, you’re covered.
 Wish my last three relationships came with that!

Check out the video below from my YouTube Channel and get yours here: INNX Pet Seat Cover
Oh and did I mention that your girl is giving you $5 off if you use coupon code: GZUXWRSC , well I just did. You’re Welcome 🙋