Getting Old Sucks -part 2

Yesterday was National Pet Day, so I thought this would be the perfect time to do a review of my favorite dog treats! This one is for Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Mobility Nutra Sticks .

My dog can’t get enough of these! I’ve tried several different treats to help my dog with her arthritis, and I’ve never seen her actually beg for more the way she does with these! Most of the treats we’ve tried all smelled too much like medicine so I would have to hide them in her food. When I opened the bag of these she immediately gobbled it up and wanted more. The sticks are really big so I was able to break them in smaller pieces and was really happy to know this was something she would enjoy as well as benefit from. I’ve seen an improvement in her back legs and hips as far as stiffness and will definitely be stocking up on these. To see the other mobility treat reviews check out my latest blog post! And pick up these here: