The Crazy (but true) Things We Do in The Name of Beauty

When I was 14 years old, I had a really beautiful best friend.
I won’t say she was evil, but I will say, adolescence is difficult, and friends sometimes do shitty things to each other …
You get the picture?

 As for my friend? (Let’s call her “Suzie”.)
She had the longest lashes I had ever seen!      

 I had tried everything to get mine to look as long as hers;

  • Gobs of mascara separated with a safety pin…
  • Baby powder under my mascara
  • Olive oil every night
Nothing worked, finally, I asked her…

“Suze, how can I get my lashes to look like yours, all long and beautiful?

She said, Do you really wanna know?
Yes, whatever it is, I’ll do it, just name, it I said.
Cut them, she said.
Cut them???
Yup, she said
How short do I cut them?
That depends,… How long do you want them? Her eyebrows raised, The shorter you cut them, the longer they’ll grow” she told me.

I raced home, ran to the mirror, and with scissors in hand, prepared to have super-long, luxurious lashes. Afterall, I had cut them to the base, as short as I could without bleeding, so I was sure to get really long ones in return, right?
Long story short…..She got a good laugh, and I looked like a burn victim for what felt like an eternity.
To this day, I blame her for my stubby, short lashes.
I am convinced that they’ve never grown back to their original length.
I would have dreams, my lashes were so long that I couldn’t open my eyes unless someone held up my giant lashes, or I’d have to get a hedge-trimmer to cut them because they were so thick and heavy.
As I got older, I avoided wearing mascara so as not to draw attention to what few lashes I did have. As a makeup artist, you really can’t get away with that, so I started experimenting with every formulation of mascara I could find.  I was determined not to go the strip lash route. “Who has time for that every day?” 
picture of hands with a false lash in one hand and lash glue in the other hand

(Obviously, I grew up in a very different time, where only showgirls wore strip lashes on a daily basis)
*Thankyouverymuch Instagram!
a picture of a tube of mascara and a tube of nylon eyelash fibers, an extension system called Better Than False Lashes by Too Faced Cosmetics Too Faced Cosmetics, 
 Better Than False Lashes!
This stuff is so amazing that I can’t wear it every day. 
I mean it’s obscene!                           I can’t go to the grocery store with Kim Kardashian length lashes! Who do I think I am?

Here’s how it works…….It comes with two tubes. 
One is an activating mascara and the other, a tube of flex-stretch fibers. First, you use the mascara, and while still wet, you coat the lashes with fibers and repeat. Careful not to get carried away or you risk having porn star lashes.
Here are my lashes before:
a picture of my eyelashes without any mascara, natural lashes
and these are what my lashes look like after only 2 coats of Better Than False Lashes
a picture of one eye without makeup and the other eye with Better Than False Lashes applied
big difference right?

I’ll let you be the judge…. 
but I’m pretty sure that this is the answer to me finally getting back at my old bestie.

Eat your heart out, “Suzie”!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of beauty? 
(Please tell me I’m not the only one?) 
Tell me all about it in the comments below, the wackiest story will receive a sample of high end skincare from me! 
Sure it won’t replace your shaved off eyebrows, but you’ll feel a sisterhood of sorts with the other gullible chick with short lashes. (me)

You can purchase Better Than False Lashes from Too Faced through their website or where ever luxury brands are sold.

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