Beauty Obsession of the Day

“Every day it’s something new with you!” 

I’ve been hearing this my whole life and to be honest? 
It’s true! 
Everyday I’m obsessed with a new product or idea or hack that I’m convinced I can’t live without! 
So everyday I’m going to (try to)  tell you about it! 
Quickie posts. Here’s today’s-
Bad Baby Hairspray Pens! 

an image of two Bad Baby Hairspray Pens one dry shampoo and one regular hold hairspray
Bad Baby Hair Pens

If you’re even close to my age you remember a time when hairspray was ginormous, I kept the 24 inch can of shaper in my duffle bag, and wielded it like a sword- 
an image of a giant 24 inch can of hairspray next to a regular 8 in can of hair spray
(a normal sized can next to a can of Sebastian Shaper) 
Well,…flip the switch chick,  
cuz this little can, can fit in your pocket:
It’s the size of a pen! 
I ordered the hairspray and the dry shampoo which i use as a texturizer, and it’s ahhhhhhhhhhmazing! The smell is to die for!
 I literally keep a little can of this in my change holder in my car just to freshen up my hair and make it smell great! 

You can find Bad Baby here

*this is not a sponsored post, (although I’m COMPLETELY open to that Bad Baby Babes), 
this product was bought and paid for by moi !.