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Get Olivia Palermo’s VMA Look

Wednesday September 16, 2009
We’re all guilty of longing to look like a celebrity at some point in our lives. Sometimes when a celebrity nails a must-have look that anyone can pull off, it means that we may rack our brains trying our hardest to duplicate it. This time, it was Olivia Palermo at the MTV Video Music Awards that has people talking in Hollywood and around the country. Everyone loved her natural yet stunning makeup at the 2009 VMA’s. And lucky for all of you I have the inside scoop on what products were used on Olivia, just to make it easier for all of you to get this beautiful look that will20never go out of style. To get the entire scoop, check out Get the Look: Olivia Palermo at the 2009 VMA’s.

The Video Music Awards (VMA’s) is another occasion for beautiful in Hollywood to show off their best and freshest looks. Sometimes the f ashions and makeup worn at Hollywood events make you want to run away screaming, while other times they make you strive to get the look for yourself. This year, Olivia Palermo had the look and here is how she got it.
Makeup artist Dyana Aives was responsible for Olivia’s fabulous look for the VMA’s. Olivia is a fan of KohGenDo Cosmetics and Dyana stated that Olivia “raved about how beautiful her skin looked and how natural and bright her complexion appeared with the KohGenDo products.” Here are the products that Dyana used on Olivia, so you can easily duplicate her fresh and beautiful look for yourself.

Olivia’s Lips and Cheeks
•Lipstick in Nude Beige BE04 – Dyana used a nude and natural lipstick shade on Olivia, which gave her a nice hint of color while allowing you to focus more on her beautiful skin.
•Fresh Face Cheek Color in Caramel Bronze – Dyana stayed in step with the natural hues for Olivia and used a beautiful neutral blush that helped to contour Olivia’s lovely cheeks while adding just the right amount of color. The overall finish enhanced Olivia’s cheeks perfectly while looking natural and not too made-up.
Olivia’s Face
•Yellow Makeup Color Base – Th is is a perfect high definition base that can be used to help diffuse redness while brightening the skin. Dyana used the yellow makeup base under Olivia’s foundation, giving her a completely even skin tone while making her already beautiful skin appear bright and youthful.
•Maifanshi Moisture Concealer – One20of my personally favorite concealers, the Maifanshi Moisture Concealer gives you two perfect shades to use alone or mix together. Dyana used this concealer to give Olivia an all around polished look, leaving her skin looking flawless yet dewy and natural at the same time.
•Aqua Foundation in OC-2 – KohGenDo Aqua Foundation is the perfect “accessory” for any red carpet occasion, leaving our skin looking smooth and flawless, yet moisturized and naturally stunning at the same time. Dyana used the shade OC-2 on Olivia for the VMA’s, mixed with a slight dab of Moisture Foundation in PK23 to give Olivia’s skin the perfect color match. The end result is simply radiant and flawless skin, allowing Olivia to relax and not worry if her makeup would last under the harsh lighting and flashes of the cameras.
•Maifanshi Natural Lighting Powder – KohGenDo’s Mainfanshi Natural Lighting Powder is like the icing on the cake. Dyana used this on Olivia to finish her red carpet look, while the ultra-fine pearl powder helped to diffuse lighting making Olivia’s skin look radiant and stunning in every type of lighting thrown at her.

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Olivia Palermolooks stunning here in part to her hair and outfit but mainly because she’s so pretty! Makeup artist Dyana Aives knew how to bring out the best in Olivia. Dyana did Olivia’s makeup for the MTV VMA’s and said that Olivia “raved about how beautiful her skin looked and how natural and bright her complexion appeared with the Koh Gen Do products.” I’m thinking if I use all these products, maybe I’ll end up looking like Olivia’s twin. Probably not…but I could try.

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Olivia Palermo at the VMA’s!

September 14, 2009 by Aly Walansky
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I must confess, I do not really enjoy Olivia Palermo. Mostly because I adore Whitney Port, and she’s just not very nice to her on The City! But, rumor has it, much of that is scripted, and she’s actually kind of cool…so I’ll attempt to reserve judgment. (As best I can.)

Zuma Press

Zuma Press

I will say, though, she looked super hot at the VMA’s last night – she was wearing KohGenDo cosmetics! This is a line I wear a lot of, and have been a fan of for months now.

Dyana Aives, Olivia’s makeup artist, did her makeup for the awards yesterday and said Olivia “raved about how beautiful her skin looked and how natural and bright her complexion appeared.”

Here’s the products that were used if you want to try to steal the look. They are all available at

Yellow Makeup Color Base
Moisture Concealer
Aqua Foundation in OC-2
(with a bit of Moisture Foundation in PK23 for color match)
Natural Lighting Powder
Fresh Face Cheek Color in Caramel Bronze
Lipstick in Nude Beige BE04

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

We makeup artists are a picky bunch. Especially when it comes to foundations, we’re always searching for the next big thing that covers imperfections while creating the look of natural, fresh skin.

Makeup artists are reaching for Koh Gen Do on the sets of 90210, Entourage, and Nip/Tuck, and on the faces of starlets like Olivia Palermo (above) from The City at the 2009 MTV VMA Awards. They rely on Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Foundation to deliver the goods, even in HD.

Moisture Foundation strikes a delicate balance combining water, moisture, and powders to fill in pores and lines while creating a smooth surface on top of the skin that reflects light, erasing the look of uneven skin. Formulated from minerals and free of parabens, this foundation boasts a 10 hour wear time, even in the most demanding conditions.

$55, 12 Shades, Free Shipping Online,,

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

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Sun, 09/13/2009 – 5:58pm by BellaSugar

The City star Olivia Palermo played it a little safe and maybe even a tad too grown-up on the red carpet tonight. Her long hair was swept back into a low, side chignon that, while elegant, seems more appropriate for the Oscars than it does the VMAs. Her makeup takes it up a notch, especially those long lashes. She highlighted her eyes with a deep silver shadow and perfectly plucked brows. Standard pink cheeks and lips completed the look. What say you, am I being too harsh on Olivia, or would you have preferred more oomph?

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Some stars like Amerie and Cassie opted for full-on color on the VMA red carpet. Madonna and Olivia Palermo, who wore Susan Woo, commanded the carpet in head-to-toe black. How New York of them.
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